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Brian has been teaching students covering the Dallas - Forth Worth Metroplex for 26 years.

Hire an instructor that has had a successful singing career and helped hundreds of successful singers!

​Over 20 years professional performing experience as a principal artist.


Let Brian help you become the best singer you can be.


Currently accepting new talented vocalists. Contact Brian to schedule an appointment.



Allen, Texas 75002

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Mastering the Euphonious Melody: Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX

How does anyone know that they are good at singing?

If you can hit and sustain the right notes and stay on key, even an untrained ear can detect that you are a really good singer. But how does one become a good singer? Is it something that they are born with? Or does it take years and years of practice to perfect the art of singing? Let’s find out…

Let’s face it…everybody has attempted to sing once or twice. You may have tried to sing in the shower, which may have sounded pretty good. But when the stage was set and all eyes were on you, you just couldn’t do it, right?


You did not take up any formal training. You failed to become the greatest showman on earth.

In the picturesque city of McKinney, Texas, where the vibrant local music culture thrives, aspiring vocalists find their voices and reach new heights through the world of voice lessons.

Whether you are a novice looking to explore your vocal talents or a seasoned performer seeking to refine your skills, the ensuing text will guide you to discover the art of voice lessons in McKinney, TX.

Why Do Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX, Matter?

Voice lessons are an incredible journey of self-discovery, musical growth, and personal empowerment. They are structured sessions with a professional voice instructor aimed at enhancing your singing abilities. Why do they matter, you may ask? Here's why:

  • Proper Technique: Voice lessons help you develop proper vocal techniques, ensuring you sing in a healthy and sustainable way for your voice.

  • Expanded Range: They can significantly expand your vocal range, allowing you to tackle a wider variety of songs and styles.

  • Vocal Health: Voice lessons promote overall vocal health, reducing the risk of strain and injury.

Finding the right voice teacher is the key to unlocking your vocal potential. In McKinney, TX, you have access to a community of talented instructors ready to guide you on your musical journey.

Finding Your Voice Teacher for Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX

One of the first steps on your vocal journey is finding the right voice teacher in McKinney, TX. Here's how to go about it:

  • Research local voice instructors online or ask friends and fellow musicians for recommendations. Look for instructors with a strong reputation and credentials.

  • Credentials and Experience: Check the credentials and experience of potential instructors. Many voice teachers in McKinney, TX, have music education and performance backgrounds.

  • Teaching Style: Consider the teaching style of the instructor. Finding someone whose approach aligns with your learning preferences will make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

Preparing for Your Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX

Before your first voice lesson, it's helpful to be prepared. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Set Realistic Goals: Define your goals for taking voice lessons in McKinney, TX. Knowing your objectives will help your instructor tailor their lessons to your needs.

  • Gather Materials: Bring any necessary materials, such as sheet music or recordings of songs you'd like to work on, to your first lesson.

  • During your initial session, you'll discuss your goals and perform initial vocal exercises to assess your current abilities.

The Fundamentals of Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX

Voice lessons in McKinney, TX, start with the fundamentals. Your instructor will guide you through:

  • Vocal Warm-Ups and Exercises: These exercises are designed to strengthen your voice and improve flexibility.

  • Breathing Techniques: Proper breathing techniques are essential for supporting your vocal sound and maintaining vocal health.

  • Pitch and Range Development: You'll work on developing your pitch accuracy and expanding your vocal range to reach those high and low notes confidently.

Developing Vocal Style and Expression through Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX

Voice lessons aren't just about hitting the right notes but also about conveying emotion and developing your unique vocal style. In McKinney, TX, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Explore Different Genres: Experiment with various music genres to find your unique voice.

  • Interpretation and Emotion: Learn the art of interpretation and infuse emotion into your performances.

  • Confidence Building: Gain confidence in your singing abilities, allowing you to shine on stage.


Voice lessons in McKinney, TX, offer an enriching experience for aspiring vocalists and seasoned performers alike. Whether you want to refine your skills, express your unique musical style, or simply enjoy the joy of singing, McKinney's music culture provides the perfect backdrop for your journey.

The Brian Schexnayder Vocal Studio is now accepting new students.  Visit their website today to sign up for the best voice lessons in DFW!

FAQs Related to Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX

What are voice lessons, and why do they matter?

Voice lessons are structured sessions with a professional voice instructor. They matter because they help you develop proper vocal techniques. Voice lessons in McKinney, TX, allow you to work with experienced instructors who can tailor their lessons to your individual needs and goals.

What should I prepare for my first voice lesson?

Before your first voice lesson in McKinney, TX, set realistic goals for what you want to achieve. Gather any necessary materials like sheet music or recordings of songs you'd like to work on. During your first lesson, expect to discuss your goals and perform some initial vocal exercises to assess your current abilities.

How can I track my progress in voice lessons?

Tracking your vocal improvement is an essential part of your journey. In McKinney, TX, instructors will help you set milestones and provide feedback on your development. Regular practice is key to achieving your goals, and celebrating milestones and achievements will keep you motivated.

How can I find the right voice teacher in McKinney, TX?

Finding the right voice teacher is crucial for your musical journey. Start by researching local voice instructors in McKinney, TX, through online searches or recommendations from friends and fellow musicians. Look for instructors with a strong reputation, credentials, and a teaching style that aligns with your learning preferences.

How can I maintain vocal health while taking Voice Lessons in McKinney, TX?

Maintaining vocal health is crucial for consistent progress. Your voice instructor will teach proper vocal hygiene practices, including staying hydrated and avoiding vocal strain. They'll also provide guidance on maintaining overall physical health to support optimal vocal performance.

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