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Proper Vocal Care

When teaching voice lessons in Texas, I put a great deal of emphasis on proper vocal care. Your voice is a unique instrument in that it lives in you and depends on you—physically, anatomically, and functionally.

Imagine that you are a trumpet player. You would use your lips, mouth, and cheeks to play the trumpet, but the trumpet is an entirely separate object. If you get sick, the trumpet is not affected. If your mood varies or your blood sugar drops, your trumpet is not affected. If someone else who knows how to play the trumpet picks up your instrument, they can still achieve a similar sound without your help.

Your voice, because it is attached to you, is very different from any other instrument. Therefore, proper vocal care is essential. Your nervous system and circulatory system affect your voice. When you get sick, your illness can—and often does—impact your voice negatively. You also have to remember that you use your voice functionally even when you are not singing. Sometimes, the things we do when we’re not singing impact our voice as strongly as the things we do while singing. Proper vocal care is a deep, intentional, ‘round-the-clock investment!

If you damage your voice/instrument by unhealthy singing technique, you can’t go out to the nearest music store and purchase a new instrument to replace it. Thus, I place great emphasis in voice lessons on learning to care for your instrument now. Did you know that exercise can improve your voice? Certain foods affect how you sing. Weather can impact your voice as well. However, with good vocal technique, solid emotional application, and proper vocal care, you can maintain a significant degree of vocal consistency even when you’re not feeling your best.

To learn more about proper vocal care and become the best singer you can be, contact the Brian Schexnayder Vocal Studio today. Let me help you tend to your instrument and perfect your craft.

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